Washout gradient in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI is associated with tumor aggressiveness of prostate cancer

Yu Jen Chen, Woei Chyn Chu, Yeong Shiau Pu, Shih Chieh Chueh, Chia Tung Shun, Wen Yih Isaac Tseng*


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Purpose: To investigate the associations between dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) parameters and the Gleason score (GS) for prostate cancer (PCA) with localization information provided by concurrent apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps. Materials and Methods: Forty-three male patients received MR scans, including diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and DCE MRI, on a 1.5 T MR system. All patients were confirmed to have PCA in the following biopsy within 2 weeks. ADC maps calculated from DTI were used to colocalize cancerous and noncancerous regions on DCE MRI for perfusion analysis retrospectively. Semiquantitative parameters (peak enhancement, initial gradient, and washout gradient [WG] and quantitative parameters [K trans, νe, and kep]) were calculated and correlated with the GS. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis was used to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the perfusion parameters in assessing the aggressiveness of PCA. Results: A total of 41 PCA nodules were included in the analysis. Among all quantitative and semiquantitative parameters, only WG showed significant correlation with GS (r = -0.75, P < 0.0001). By defining tumor aggressiveness as a GS >6, WG demonstrated a good diagnostic performance, with the area under the ROC curve being 0.88. Under a cutoff point of WG = 0.125 min-1, the sensitivity and specificity were 0.87 and 0.78, respectively. Conclusion: WG shows a significant association with GS and good diagnostic performance in assessing tumor aggressiveness. Therefore, WG is a potential marker of GS.

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期刊Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
出版狀態Published - 10月 2012


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