Virtual roller coaster

Zen-Chung Shih*, Yuh Sen Jaw, Mei Ling Hsu


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Roller coasters are an attractive, adventurous, and exciting form of entertainment. In this paper we present a virtual roller coaster system, which includes roller coaster simulation software, a motion platform and a motion control unit. We investigate the track structure of the roller coaster and propose a methodology to generate the track automatically. We also simulate the forces exerted on the running carriage to give the user the impression he is riding a real roller coaster. A motion platform with two degrees of freedom is constructed, using hydraulic cylinders as its actuators. An electronic circuit is designed to allow the motion platform to communicate with the host computer. We also provide flexibility for changing the track type and the surrounding scenery, in order to give the rider a variety of exciting experiences. This system also considers safety concerns in the design of the motion platform.

出版狀態Published - 18 3月 2000
事件IEEE Virtual Reality 2000 - New Brunswick, NJ, USA
持續時間: 18 3月 200022 3月 2000


ConferenceIEEE Virtual Reality 2000
城市New Brunswick, NJ, USA


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