Unmet Care Needs and Related Factors of Spouses of Liver or Kidney Transplant Recipients

Yu Hsuan Chang, Yeur Hur Lai, Po Huang Lee, Meng Kun Tsai, Shiow Ching Shun*


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This study aimed to (1) explore the unmet care needs of spouses of liver or kidney transplant recipients, (2) compare the unmet care needs, depression, and anxiety levels of transplant recipients and their spouses, and (3) identify factors related to spouses’ unmet care needs. A cross-sectional study was conducted using purposive sampling from transplant outpatient departments at a medical center. Ninety-one liver or kidney transplant recipient–spouse dyads were recruited. Most unmet needs for dyads were involved in the psychological needs and health system and service needs domains. Spouses had significantly higher unmet needs, anxiety, and depression than recipients did. The significant factors related to the spouses’ unmet needs included being male, having higher anxiety, and whose partners had higher unmet needs. Health care professionals must attend to the needs of both recipients and spouses. Providing disease-specific information and resources to spouses who potentially had higher unmet needs is strongly suggested.

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期刊Clinical Nursing Research
出版狀態Published - 9月 2021


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