Unifying colors by primes

Han Lin Li, Shu Cherng Fang, Bertrand M.T. Lin, Way Kuo*


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RGB and CYMK are two major coloring schemes currently available for light colors and pigment colors, respectively. Both systems use letter-based color codes that require a large range of values to represent different colors. The problem is that these two systems are hard to use for manipulating any operations involving combinations of colors, and they lack the capacity for inter-changeability or unification. Based on prime number theory and Goldbach’s conjecture, this study presents a universal color system (C235) using a number-based structure to encode, compute and unify all colors on a color wheel. The proposed C235 system offers a unified representation for the efficient encoding and effective manipulation of color. It can be applied to designing a high-rate LCD system and colorizing objects with multiple attributes and DNA codons, opening the door to manipulating colors and lights for even broader applications.

期刊Light: Science and Applications
出版狀態Published - 12月 2023


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