Ultrasonic processing of MWCNT nanopaper reinforced polymeric nanocomposites

Yanan Zhao, Eusebio Duarte Cabrera, Dan Zhang, Jingyao Sun, Tairong Kuang, Willie Yang, Matthew J. Lertola, Avraham Benatar, Jose M. Castro, L. James Lee*


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This work presents an ultrasonic-assisted approach for fast impregnation of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers including solvent-free epoxy resins, polydimethylsiloxane resins, and polypropylene into multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) nanopapers to prepare nanocomposites or prepregs with high loading (>20 wt%) of well-dispersed MWCNTs, not achievable by the conventional compounding or resin transfer molding methods. The approach involves making MWCNTs into macroscopic paper-like sheets (also called “nanopapers”) via a dispersion-filtration method and then impregnating the mesoporous nanopapers with polymeric resins using an ultrasonic infiltration method to form a prepreg or nanocomposite. The formed nanocomposites revealed an excellent combination of mechanical strength, sand erosion and scratch resistance, electrical and thermal properties, and good processing flexibility.

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出版狀態Published - 7 11月 2018


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