Transmission electron microscope investigation of the interface between titanium and zirconia

Kun Fung Lin, Chien-Cheng Lin

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The interfaces between 3-mol%-yttria-partially-stabilized zirconia and commercially pure titanium after reaction at 1750 °C were analyzed with a scanning electron microscope and an analytical transmission microscope. Zirconia was reduced to oxygen-deficient zirconia (ZrO2-x) with an O/Zr ratio as low as 1.53, causing the evolution of oxygen. Part of the oxygen could accumulate at grain boundaries the remainder being dissolved in titanium as α-Ti(O). An ordered titanium suboxide (Ti3O) could be formed from a solid solution of α-Ti(O) during cooling. A fine crystalline ZrO2-x phase (O/Zr≈2) was also found along with α-Zr near the interface on the zirconia side. The α-Zr was twinned with one of the twin planes being indexed as {101̄2}. The yttria stabilizer was excluded from zirconia as the reaction was progressing existing as oxygen-deficient yttria. Extensive dissolution of zirconia in titanium gave rise to the formation of α-Ti(Zr,O) solid solution. On cooling lamellae of Ti2ZrO precipitated from α-Ti(Zr,O) with an orientation relationship of {11̄0}Ti(2)ZrO//{100}α-Ti and 〈111̄〉Ti(2)ZrO//〈011〉α-Ti·.

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期刊Journal of the American Ceramic Society
出版狀態Published - 1 十一月 1999


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