Toward an AI-Enabled O-RAN-based and SDN/NFV-driven 5G& IoT Network Era

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Artificial Intelligent Technology has impacted tremendously in the areas of high performance computing, and network and communicatons industries. The advantages of a system applying AI includes performance improvent, optimization, and intelligent or smart AnFor intelligent fesure of 5G, network slicing, provided by Network equipment vendor by applying AI, softwarization and virtualization technologies to the network. For many other industries and applications such as healthcare, agriculture, finance, have benefited from AI technology in particular machine learning and deep learning within AL.With the integration of AI, 5G, and Inernet of Thngs, the industrial applications, smart farms, precision medicine.,smart city. This article focuses on the System architecture and design of open networking solution of the future of 5G, beyond-5G (B5G) or 6G. Among the challenges of an ON system solution, the propriety of radio access network (RAN) is one of essential challenges. The Open-RAN Alliance is formed through the integration of C-RAN Alliance and X-RAN Forum. The O-RAN Alliance mission’s is converting the radio access network industry to become an open networking intelligent, virtualized, and fully interoperable RAN. To realize B5G or 6G by applying O-RAN architecture and ecosystem is called O-RAN based B5G/6G The Integration of O-RAN based 5G RAN part and the SDN/NFV-based softwarization and virtualization of Core Network, Transport Network and Management functions, we can derive a stage of fully Open Networking architecture for the software (AI/M/DL) developers to work.
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期刊Network and Communication Technologies
出版狀態Published - 15 6月 2021


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