Thermal decomposition of t-butyl alcohol in shock waves

T. K. Choudhury, W. A. Sanders, Ming-Chang Lin, C. Y. Lin

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The pyrolysis of t-butyl alcohol was studied in shock waves in the temperature range 1220—1620 K. The rate constants for the molecular and free radical formation channels were obtained with the help of kinetic modeling of H2O and CO concentration profiles. The rate constants for the runs above 1500K were corrected for the pressure fall-off effect using the RRKM theory. The Arrhenius expressions for the molecular and radical decomposition channels I-C4H9OH -> H2O + i-C4H8-> CH3+ (CH3)2COH were found to be k1= 1014.50±0.30exp(- 32, 9000 ± 900/T) sec-1and k2= 1O16.48 ± 0.24exp(- 40, 990 ± 738/T) sec-1respectively. Combination of our k1with that of Lewis et al. (1974) obtained at 925-1175K leads to k1= 3.55 X 1O14exp(-33, 100/T) sec-1covering the broad temperature range 920-1630K.

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期刊Combustion science and technology
出版狀態Published - 1 6月 1990


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