Thermal Analysis of Flip-Chip Bonding Designs for GaN Power HEMTs with an On-Chip Heat-Spreading Layer

Kuo Bin Hong, Chun Yen Peng, Wei Cheng Lin, Kuan Lun Chen, Shih Chen Chen, Hao Chung Kuo, Edward Yi Chang, Chun Hsiung Lin*


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In this work, we demonstrated the thermal analysis of different flip-chip bonding designs for high power GaN HEMT developed for power electronics applications, such as power converters or photonic driver applications, with large gate periphery and chip size, as well as an Au metal heat-spreading layer deposited on top of a planarized dielectric/passivation layer above the active region. The Au bump patterns can be designed with high flexibility to provide more efficient heat dissipation from the large GaN HEMT chips to an AlN package substrate heat sink with no constraint in the alignment between the HEMT cells and the thermal conduction bumps. Steady-state thermal simulations were conducted to study the channel temperatures of GaN HEMTs with various Au bump patterns at different levels of current and voltage loadings, and the results were compared with the conventional face-up GaN die bonding on an AlN package substrate. The simulations were started from a single finger isolated HEMT cell and then extended to multiple fingers HEMT cells (total gate width > 40 mm) to investigate the “thermal cross-talk” effect from neighboring devices. Thermal analysis of the GaN HEMT under pulse operation was also performed to better reflect the actual conditions in power conversion or pulsed laser driver applications. Our analysis provides a combinational assessment of power GaN HEMT dies under a working condition (e.g., 1MHz, 25% duty cycle) with different flip chip packaging schemes. The analysis indicated that the channel temperature rise (∆T) of a HEMT cell in operation can be reduced by 44~46% by changing from face-up die bonding to a flip-chip bonding scheme with an optimized bump pattern design.

出版狀態Published - 3月 2023


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