Theoretical and experimental characterization of the DUal-BAse transistor (DUBAT)

Chung-Yu Wu*, Ching Yuan Wu


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A new A-type integrated voltage controlled differential negative resistance device using an extra effective base region to form a lateral pnp (npn) bipolar transistor beside the original base region of a vertical npn (pnp) bipolar junction transistor, and so called the DUal BAse Transistor (DUBAT), is studied both experimentally and theoretically, The DUBAT has three terminals and is fully comparible with the existing bipolar integrated circuits technologies. Based upon the equivalent circuit of the DUBAT, a simple first-order analytical theory is developed, and important device parameters, such as: the I–V characteristic, the differential negative resistance, and the peak and valley points, are also characterized. One of the proposed integrated structures of the DUBAT, which is similar in structure to I2L but with similar high density and a normally operated vertical npn transistor, has been successfully fabricated and studied. Comparisons between the experimental data and theoretical analyses are made, and show in satisfactory agreements.

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期刊Solid-State Electronics
出版狀態Published - 1980


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