The Taiwan Adolescent to Adult Longitudinal Study (TAALS): Methodology and Cohort Description

Yu Ning Chien, Ping Ling Chen, Yi Hua Chen, Hsiu Ju Chang, Suh Ching Yang, Yi Chun Chen, Hung Yi Chiou*


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The objective of the study was to introduce the methodology and report on cohort description of Taiwan Adolescent to Adult Longitudinal Study (TAALS). TAALS is the first nationwide longitudinal survey among Taiwan adolescents, linked with the National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD) to obtain complete medical records of respondents in the future. The TAALS project employed the principle of probability proportional to size (PPS) sampling method. Data were collected by questionnaire from 18 064 school students participating in 2015 formal survey, with good sample representation via a goodness-of-fit test after weighting adjustments. Through expert evaluation and statistics tests, TAALS shows a well nationally representation, validity, and reliability. Results indicate that the vocational school students had poor healthy behavior than other education systems, supporting the hypothesis that different learning environment will develop different health behaviors. TAALS can serve as a foundation for analyzing health trajectories of Taiwan adolescents.

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期刊Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health
出版狀態Published - 1 3月 2018


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