The sputtering of PtSi and NiSi

J. M. Poate*, W. L. Brown, R. Homer, W. M. Augustyniak, J. W. Mayer, King-Ning Tu, W. F. van der Weg


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Absolute sputtering yields have been obtained, by Rutherford scattering, for the consttuents of the thin film compounds PtSi and NiSi on bombardment with 900 eV and 20 keV Ar; sputtering yields have also been determined for thin film samples of Si (poly and single crystal), Ni and Pt. The partial sputtering yields of the compounds are not related in any simple fashion to the corresponding elemental sputtering yields (e.g. the partial sputtering yields of Si in PtSi, SPtSl and NiSi, SNiSi are considerably larger than that of elemental Si, SSi). No deviations from stoichiometric sputtering are observed. However 20 keV Ar sputtering of PtSi produces a 200 Å surface layer substantially enriched with Pt.

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期刊Nuclear Instruments and Methods
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 1976