The revealing of a novel lipid transfer protein lineage in green algae

Ming Der Huang*, Chin Wei Wu, Hong Yun Chou, Sou Yu Cheng, Hsin Yang Chang*


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Background: Non-specific lipid transfer proteins (nsLTPs) are a group of small and basic proteins that can bind and transfer various lipid molecules to the apoplastic space. A typical nsLTP carries a conserved architecture termed eight-cysteine motif (8CM), a scaffold of loop-linked helices folding into a hydrophobic cavity for lipids binding. Encoded by a multigene family, nsLTPs are widely distributed in terrestrial plants from bryophytes to angiosperms with dozens of gene members in a single species. Although the nsLTPs in the most primitive plants such as Marchantia already reach 14 members and are divergent enough to form separate groups, so far none have been identified in any species of green algae. Results: By using a refined searching strategy, we identified putative nsLTP genes in more than ten species of green algae as one or two genes per haploid genome but not in red and brown algae. The analyses show that the algal nsLTPs carry unique characteristics, including the extended 8CM spacing, larger molecular mass, lower pI value and multiple introns in a gene, which suggests that they could be a novel nsLTP lineage. Moreover, the results of further investigation on the two Chlamydomonas nsLTPs using transcript and protein assays demonstrated their late zygotic stage expression patterns and the canonical nsLTP properties were also verified, such as the fatty acids binding and proteinase resistance activities. Conclusions: In conclusion, a novel nsLTP lineage is identified in green algae, which carries some unique sequences and molecular features that are distinguishable from those in land plants. Combined with the results of further examinations of the Chlamydomonas nsLTPs in vitro, possible roles of the algal nsLTPs are also suggested. This study not only reveals the existence of the nsLTPs in green algae but also contributes to facilitating future studies on this enigmatic protein family.

期刊BMC Plant Biology
出版狀態Published - 12月 2023


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