The Retail Shopping Experience for Low-Literate Consumers

Roland Gau, Madhu Viswanathan

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With the lack of research on low-literate consumer shopping behavior in retail settings, retailing decisions are likely to be based on implicit assumptions about literate consumer behavior. In turn, this leads to a lack of understanding of how low-literate consumers can be empowered in the retail environment. A series of interviews and observations offer qualitative insights about the challenges that low-literate consumers face when shopping in retail settings and the coping
strategies they employ. These insights are used to develop a theoretical interpretation of low-literate consumer behavior in the retail setting, covering aspects such as environmental effects, self-esteem maintenance and avoidance behaviors. Implications for retailers and consumer research are discussed.
原文American English
期刊Journal of Research for Consumers
出版狀態Published - 2008


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