The practice pattern of migraine management among neurologists in Taiwan

S. R. Lu, S. J. Wang, J. L. Fuh*


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To assess the prevalence of migraine and the attitudes and practice patterns of Taiwanese neurologists regarding migraine management, we mailed the survey questionnaire to all of the actively practicing board-certified neurologists from the membership list of the Taiwan Neurological Association. Of the targeted 531 neurologists, 123 (23.2%) participated in this study. Thirty of the participants (27.6%) reported having migraine. Most neurologists (88.5%) felt that headache was an important part of their practice. Many neurologists (65.0%) used neuroimaging to evaluate patients with severe headache and 44.7% used electroencephalography for headache evaluation. Many participants knew that combination analgesic was a common cause of medication-overuse headache, but did not know that ergotamine, acetaminophen and triptans were possible aetiologies of medication-overuse headache. Our study suggests that awareness of medication-overuse headache and the indications of neuroimaging should be stressed in Taiwan, and headache guidelines should be modified according to local factors.

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出版狀態Published - 3月 2006


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