The lived experiences of fathers in cross-national marriages

Su Chen Yu, Mattew N.H. Wang, Yu Chih Chen, Pei Fan Mu*


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Background: Research on cross-national marriages in Taiwan has concentrated on development and adaptation issues related to the children of such relationships. Taiwan has seen a dramatic increase in immigration and cultural diversity over the past 2 decades. Understanding the dynamics of crossnational families from initial courtship through marriage and having and raising children is, thus, important. Little research has been done on the role or caring experiences of the father in cross-national families. Purpose: This study used the lived experiences of fathers in cross-national marriages with children to explore the essence of their role. Methods: Colaizzi's phenomenological approach was used to investigate subject experiences. Subjects were purposively chosen from a general hospital in Taiwan. Subject selection criteria included being a father in a cross-nationalmarriage, having a child born in that marriage and the child was free of major health problems. Eleven fathers participated in the study. Sample size was determined by the saturation principle of phenomenology. Data collected included family demographic characteristics and open interview information. Narrative data were analyzed using Colaizzi's phenomenological approach. Trustworthiness was examined using principles from Lincoln and Guba. Results: Subject experiences concentrated on four themes: (a) achievement of a life mission, (b) marital difficulties, (c) activities external to the framework of family life, and (d) majesty and responsibility. Conclusions/Implications for Practice: Fathers in the childbearing stage of cross-national marriages have experienced preparation for marriage, constructed a marital life together including relationships with other family members, and experienced the majesty and responsibility associated with their marriage. These findings provide knowledge for nurses that will help further enhance the role of fathers while developing and promoting family health within this subpopulation in Taiwan.

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期刊The journal of nursing research : JNR
出版狀態Published - 2011


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