The fabrication of a kilowatt transverse electrical discharge CO2 laser

Kaung-Hsiung Wu*


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A kilowatt order CW and transverse electrical (TE) discharge CO2 laser has been designed and fabricated. The optimum discharge conditions (e. g., the mixing pressure ratio of gases, the total pressure and the discharge current etc.), the factors affecting the output stability, and the long time sealing condition have been investigated. When the mixing ratio of gases is CO2:CO:N2:He=6:3:30:80, the total pressure is 110 torr, and the discharge current is 4.2 A, the maximum output power of 1,100 W and the laser efficiency of 17.2% are obtained. The system can be operated continuously for 9 hours with the maximum power fluctuation of 2% under the sealed condition. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the operational cost. All the controllers (including gas inlet components, vacuum components, power supply, cooling machine, shutter and the NC x—y table and indicators, e. g., pressure gauge, discharge voltage and interlocks) are mounted at a control panel and can be operated easily. The laser system shall be used to study some material processing, e. g., cutting, welding, drilling, and heat treatment for metals.


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