The effects of the empowerment education program in older adults with total hip replacement surgery

Tzu Ting Huang*, Chia Chun Sung, Woan Shyuan Wang, Bi Hwa Wang


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Aims: To measure the effectiveness of an education empowerment program on primary (self-efficacy and self-care competence) and secondary outcomes (Activities of Daily Life, mobility, depressive mood and quality of life) for older adults with total hip replacement surgery. Background: Degenerative arthritis is a common and serious chronic illness that impacts the quality of life of older adults. As joints continue to degenerate and the hip damaged by arthritis, activities of daily life will be difficult to perform due to severe hip pain and joint stiffness. Therefore, hip replacement surgery should be considered and effective nursing care should be provided to improve the recovery of older adults. Design: A prospective randomized control trial. Methods: A trial was conducted from September 2013 - May 2014 in two hospitals in northern Taiwan. 108 participants were random assigned to either the education empowerment group or in the comparison group. The researchers collected baseline data at admission and outcomes on the day of discharge, one month after and three months after the discharge. Results: After the interventions, the education empowerment group participants demonstrated significantly higher self-care competence and self-efficacy and lower depressive inclinations compared with those in the comparison group. Participants in both groups significantly improved on activities of daily life, mobility and quality of life over the course of the interventions. Conclusion: This education empowerment intervention was very effective in enhancing participants’ outcomes. Moreover, involving both older adults and their caregivers for the participation this program is recommended for a greater impact.

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期刊Journal of Advanced Nursing
出版狀態Published - 8月 2017


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