The effects of a chinese herbal medicine (VGHBPH0) on patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: A pilot study

Hsin Fu Yeh, Tsai Feng Li, Cheng Hung Tsai, Pei Wen Wu, Yi Hsiu Huang, William J. Huang, Fun Jou Chen, Shinn Jang Hwang, Fang Pey Chen*, Ta Peng Wu


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Background: The current Western medicine treatment options for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) have various degrees of documented effectiveness. However, the uses of these interventions are limited to specific patient populations or have certain side effects that interfere with patient quality of life. This study evaluated the clinical effects of a Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) on patients with BPH. Methods: This was a single-arm pilot study. Twenty BPH patients were enrolled, and they were required to take the investigated CHM three times a day for 8 weeks, along with their Western medicine. Patients returned to clinics as scheduled and completing international prostate symptoms scores (IPSS), aging male symptoms score, international index of erectile function, and body constitution questionnaire of traditional Chinese medicine. Uroflowmetry and sonography were also applied to evaluate the changes in urinary velocity and post-voiding residual urine volume from the baseline to the end of the study. Results: The mean IPSS total score was significantly decreased by 2.5 points after 8 weeks of treatment with the CHM (from 17.5 to 15.0, p = 0.03). The mean IPSS voiding subscore was decreased by 1.7 points (from 10.1 to 8.4, p = 0.02), and the mean incomplete emptying subscore was decreased by 0.8 points (from 2.9 to 2.1, p = 0.02), with both decreases being statistically significant. A descending trend in the post-voiding residual urine volume was also observed (from 52.9 to 30.8 mL, p = 0.07). Conclusion: This trial indicated that the add-on CHM treatment (VGHBPH0) might be a potential treatment for improving the lower urinary tract symptoms of BPH patients.

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期刊Journal of the Chinese Medical Association
出版狀態Published - 10月 2020


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