The effect of blood flow phenomena on oxygenation efficiency

Tze Wen Chung, Chau Jen Lee

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The effect of blood flow on the oxygenation efficiency was studied by using a single-tube silicone rubber membrane oxygenator. The ranges of flow covered the regions of laminar, turbulent, and secondary flow. The existence of HEMOGLOBIN in the blood actually enhances the rate and capacity of oxygen carried by the blood. The enhancement factor was empirically correlated in the following equation: E=(3.88 ×10-5) Re0.88Sc1/3S-10.5 for 办=2,900〜5,250 &=2,268〜3,391 5=0.76 〜0.96 where, S is the degree of blood oxygen saturation in percentage. Also, mass transfer equations which involved turbulent eddy diffusivity were numerically solved for radial as well as axial profiles in terms of the degree of oxygen saturation. Further investigation on the effect of turbulent and secondary flow is still being undertaken.


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