The Challenges of Applying SDN/NFV for 5G & IoT

Do Sinh, Luong Vy Le, Li-Ping Tung, Bao-Shuh Lin

研究成果: Conference contribution同行評審


The exponential growth of mobile data services driven by mobile Internet have substantially challenged networks to handle the requirements of high bit rate, low latency, high availability and performance in heterogeneous converged connectivity environments of wireline and wireless communication. Currently, SDN and NFV are recognized as key technologies studied for enhancing mobile network. However, associating SDN and NFV with the capability of programmability for application, control, and even data plane from radio access to core mobile network has not been yet considered appropriately in the context of the mobile network. In this research, we propose a new comprehensive architecture in which SDN and NFV play important roles; therefore, and the network is capable of becoming a deeply programmable network for all of the three planes. As the result, the mobile network can be sliced into distinct slices across from access to core network. We also explored the challenges for applying these technologies for 5G and serve as a critical tool for Internet of Things (IoT).
原文American English
主出版物標題14th IEEE-VTS Asia Pacific Wirel. Commun. Symp.(APWCS), Incheon, South Korea
出版狀態Published - 9月 2017


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