The ceos of hsinchu science park

Yu Shing Chang*, Tr Lin, Hsiao Cheng Yu, Shih Chi Chang


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The San Jose Mercury News surveyed the educational background of the CEOs from the top 150 public companies in California's Silicon Valley in November 2007. The data was compared to the CEOs of Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), Taiwan's high-tech center. The number of CEOs holding graduate degrees in the HSP and in Silicon Valley were close, 65% in Silicon Valley and 71% in the HSP. Among the HSP CEOs with graduate degrees, 38% obtained those degrees from foreign universities, mostly in the United States. But only 17% of Silicon Valley CEOs obtained their technical education abroad. In regard to work experience, 34% of HSP CEOs had prior work experience with foreign companies, most of them being multinational corporations in the United States. Sixty percent of the HSP CEOs are alumni from one of the top four universities in Taiwan, while 25% of Silicon Valley CEOs earned their undergraduate or graduate degrees from California universities.

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期刊Research Technology Management
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2009


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