Ternary Chalcogenides GeSb2Se3 and Ge3Sb4Se7 Containing a 1[Sb2Se2]2- 1D Chain and a 2D Structure Related to SnSe

Guan Ruei Chen, Chien He Li, Ching Yi Yu, Ming Fang Wang, Chi-Shen Lee

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    Ternary chalcogenides, GeSb2Se3 and Ge3Sb4Se7, were synthesized and characterized. These chalcogenides are the first ternary selenides in a ternary Ge-Sb-Se system that feature a layer structure related to black phosphorus and SnSe-type structures. Both compounds contain a ∞1[Sb2Se2]2- unit with Sb+ cations in a zigzag Sb-Sb chain structure, and Sb3+ cations in a distorted NaCl100-type of ∞1[Gen-2Sb2Sen]2+ unit (n = 4, 5). These materials exhibit n-type semiconducting properties with thermal conductivity significantly lower than that of GeSe and Sb2Se3, which could be correlated to the 1D Sb+ chain and disordered sites with different Ge/Sb compositions. It is anticipated that these newly discovered ternary chalcogenides may provide unique properties with enhanced thermoelectric properties.

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    期刊Inorganic Chemistry
    出版狀態Published - 17 八月 2020


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