Telecare for the elderly - Community nurses' experiences in Taiwan

Chi Ping Chang, Ting Ting Lee*, Mary Etta Mills


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Advances in science, technology, and healthcare have contributed to the global growth of an aging population. With a concomitant decline in birth rate, the increasing need for elder care cannot be met effectively by traditional care models as fewer caregivers are available. This study adopted a qualitative research method, and 13 nurses who have experiences in telecare were interviewed in a regional hospital in northern Taiwan. Data were content analyzed to explore nurses' perceptions of telecare services. Five major themes were identified: (1) provision of individualized care, (2) increasing job requirements and stress, (3) working with a collaborative care model, (4) understanding concerns of the elderly, and (5) foreseeing future challenges. The participants identified the advantages of telecare services for the elderly and recognized a new opportunity for health management in the future population and social changes. The use of technology to provide telecare may offer an effective supplement for elder care services.

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期刊CIN - Computers Informatics Nursing
出版狀態Published - 1月 2013


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