Technology connecting people: Applying telecare in elderly health care

Chun Chen Chou, Pei Li Chang, Kuan Hui Lee, Ting Ting Lee*


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As the proportion of elderly in society continues to rise, telecare, using advanced information and communication technologies, has become a mainstream trend in healthcare for this client group. Providing individualized services and assisting in health management and health promotion should be priority concerns in implementing telecare programs for the elderly. The physical and psychological needs of each elderly patient are unique. If these needs go unsatisfied despite a well-equipped environment and creative technological services, we will have failed to realize fully the potential benefits of the telecare medium. Educating case managers, who both deliver medical care and coordinate healthcare resources, is critical to telecare program success. This article, based on Watson's caring theory, illustrates the importance of considering account user needs in developing information technology tools. Such may provide a reference to medical personnel responsible for implementing telecare programs in the future.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 12月 2009


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