Synthesis, characterization, and CO2 adsorptive behavior of mesoporous AlOOH-supported layered hydroxides

Yen Po Chang, Yu Chun Chen, Po Hsueh Chang, San-Yuan Chen*


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A novel CO2 solid sorbent was prepared by synthesizing and modifying AlOOH-supported CaAl layered double hydroxides (CaAl LDHs), which were prepared by using mesoporous alumina (γ-Al2O3) and calcium chloride (CaCl2) in a hydrothermal urea reaction. The nanostructured CaAl LDHs with nanosized platelets (3-30 nm) formed and dispersed inside the crystalline framework of mesoporous AlOOH (boehmite). By calcination of AlOOH-supported LDHs at 700 °C, the mesoporous CaAl metal oxides exhibited ordered hexagonal mesoporous arrays or uniform nanotubes with a large surface area of 273 m2 g-1, a narrow pore size distribution of 6.2 nm, and highly crystalline frameworks. The crystal structure of the calcined mesoporous CaAl metal oxides was multiphasic, consisting of CaO/Ca(OH)2, Al2O3, and CaAlO mixed oxides. The mesoporous metal oxides were used as a solid sorbent for CO2 adsorption at high temperatures and displayed a maximum CO2 capture capacity (≈45 wt %) of the sorbent at 650 °C. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that the mesoporous CaAl oxides showed a more rapid adsorption rate (for 1-2 min) and longer cycle life (weight change retention: 80 % for 30 cycles) of the sorbent because of the greater surface area and increased number of activated sites in the mesostructures. A simple model for the formation mechanism of mesoporous metal oxides is tentatively proposed to account for the synergetic effect of CaAl LDHs on the adsorption of CO2 at high temperature.

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出版狀態Published - 1 1月 2012


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