Synthesis and luminescence properties of Eu3+, Ce3+ and Tb3+-activated Sr3La2(BO3)4 under UV excitation

Te Wen Kuo*, Teng-Ming Chen


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The spectroscopic properties in UV-excitable range for the phosphors of Sr3La2(BO3)4:RE3+ (RE3+=Eu3+, Ce3+, Tb3+) were investigated. The phosphors were synthesized by conventional solid-state reactions. The photoluminescence (PL) spectra and commission international de I'Eclairage (CIE) coordinates of Sr3La2(BO3)4:RE3+ were investigated. The f-d transitions of Eu3+, Ce3+ and Tb3+ in the host lattices are assumed and corroborated. The PL and PL excitation (PLE) spectra indicate that the main emission wavelength of Sr3La2(BO3)4:Eu3+ is 611 nm, and Sr3La2(BO3)4:Ce3+ shows dominating emission peak at 425 nm, while Sr3La2(BO3)4:Tb3+ displays green emission at 487, 542, 582 and 620 nm. These phosphors were prepared by simple solid-state reaction at 1000 °C. There are lower reactive temperature and more convenient than commercial phosphors. The Sr3La2(BO3)4:Tb3+ applied to cold cathode fluorescent lamp was found to emit green light and have a major peak wavelength at around 542 nm. These phosphors may provide a new kind of luminescent materials under ultraviolet excitation. Crown

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期刊Journal of Luminescence
出版狀態Published - 1 三月 2010


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