Study of p-GaN Gate MOS-HEMT with Al2O3 Insulator for High-Power Applications

Kuan Ning Huang*, Yueh Chin Lin, Chieh Ying Wu, Jin Hwa Lee, Chia Chieh Hsu, Jing Neng Yao, Chao Hsin Chien, Edward Yi Chang


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In this work, an enhancement-mode (E-mode) p-GaN gate metal–oxide–semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistor (MOS-HEMT) with 10-nm-thick Al2O3 film was successfully fabricated. Good oxide film quality and excellent Al2O3/p-GaN MOS interface properties were achieved, as evidenced by the C–V curves and hysteresis effect of Al2O3/p-GaN metal–oxide–semiconductor capacitors (MOSCAPs). Compared to the p-GaN gate, the HEMT exhibited threshold voltage (Vth) of 1.5 V and maximum drain current (ID,max) of 189 mA/mm, the p-GaN gate MOS-HEMT with dielectric oxide Al2O3 exhibited higher threshold voltage of 2.1 V, and comparable maximum drain current of 217 mA/mm. In addition, owing to the high-energy bandgap and high breakdown field of Al2O3, the p-GaN gate MOS-HEMT demonstrated lower gate leakage current and higher breakdown voltage. The results indicated that p-GaN gate MOS-HEMT with Al2O3 gate insulator was promising for high-power application.

期刊Journal of Electronic Materials
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 2023


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