State-Resolved Dynamics of Photofragmentation

Yuan-Pern Lee*


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We discuss experiments on the dynamics of photodissociation that employ methods to select the energy, sometimes quantum states, of the reactant and to determine the quantum states and energy, sometimes also the orientation and alignment, of products. A summary of new advances of experimental methods is followed by applications to photodissociation of various types. Representative examples of simple bond fission, molecular elimination, and three-body dissociation with determined electronic states - sometimes the orientation of their angular momentum - of product atoms or distributions of electronic and internal states of product molecules illustrate the detailed information and insight that one can derive from such experiments. Photodissociation of van der Waals complexes, ions, species adsorbed on surfaces, and species in solution is excluded from this review.

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期刊Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 23 9月 2003


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