Spectrally resolved optical beam-induced current imaging of ESD induced defects on VCSELs

Che Lun Hsu, Subir Das, Yen Hsiang Wu, Fu Jen Kao*


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Optical beam-induced current (OBIC) mapping is widely used to characterize semiconductor lasers, particularly for failure analysis, in which the reliability has been a critical issue to be resolved spectrally and temporally. OBIC microscopy is advantageous for its noninvasiveness, when compared with electron beam-induced current (EBIC) microscopy. However, for high-speed devices, conventional OBIC methods may be limited in observing the spectral responses adequately. In this work, we present a modified OBIC microscopy based on a tunable ultrafast laser, to address the need for spectral resolving for precision failure spot analysis in vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) diodes. The spectral OBIC response of VCSEL diodes is investigated by varying the irradiation wavelengths. Importantly, the ultrafast mode-locked laser provides broadband wavelength range to investigate photocurrent responses of the VCSELs sample. Specifically, the OBIC, electroluminescence (EL) detection, and the reflectance of the normal and the electrostatic discharge (ESD) damaged VCSELs are compared. We have found the ESD damaged VCSELs showing a redshifted spectral response.

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期刊OSA Continuum
出版狀態Published - 15 2月 2021


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