Spectral characterization of bulk and nanostructured aluminum nitride

Baiba Berzina*, Laima Trinkler, Darja Jakimovica, Valdis Korsaks, Janis Grabis, Ints Steins, Eriks Palcevskis, Stefano Bellucci, Li Chyong Chen, Surojit Chattopadhyay, Kuei Hsien Chen


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Spectral characteristics including photoluminescence (PL) spectra and its excitation spectra for different AlN materials (AlN ceramics, macro size powder and nanostructured forms such as nanopowder, nanorods and nanotips) were investigated at room temperature. Besides the well known UV-blue (around 400 nm) and red (600 nm) luminescence, the 480 nm band was also observed as an asymmetric long-wavelength shoulder of the UV-blue PL band. This band can be related to the luminescence of some kind of surface defects, probably also including the oxygen-related defects. The mechanisms of recombination luminescence and excitation of the UV-blue luminescence caused by the oxygen-related defects were investigated. It was found that the same PL band is characteristic for different AlN materials mentioned above; however, in the nanostructured materials (nanorods, nanotips and nanopowder) the intensity of UV-blue PL is remarkable lower than in the bulk material (ceramics). In the case of nanostructured AlN materials, excitation of the oxygen-related defect is mainly realized through the energy transfer from the host material (electron/hole or exciton processes) to the defects and this mechanism prevails over the mechanism of direct defect excitation.

期刊Journal of Nanophotonics
出版狀態Published - 2009


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