Special section: Grid/distributed computing systems security

Tai hoon Kim*, Wai-Chi  Fang


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    Some papers on grid/distributed computing systems security are presented in the special section of Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS). Soongohn Kim and coworkers in their paper 'Secure verifiable non-interactive oblivious transfer protocol using RSA and bit commitment in a distributed environment', analyze the basic concept of an OT (Oblivious Transfer) protocol for exchanging secret information. Yun Ji Na, and colleagues in the paper 'A multilayered digital content distribution using a group-key based on the Web', focused on designing a security technique for each group in a multilayered structure. The paper 'A mechanism for grid service composition behavior specification and verification', by Jing Zhou and Guosun Zeng, constructs an interactive behavior model for grid service composition and specifies the interactive behavior using Cpi-calculus. The paper 'Structure design and test of an enterprise security management system with advanced internal security' by Seoksoo Kim analyzes existing enterprise security management systems.

    期刊Future Generation Computer Systems
    出版狀態Published - 1 3月 2009


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