Special Issue on Mobility and Resource Management

Yuguang Fang, Phone Lin, Yi-Bing Lin

研究成果: Special issue


With the rapidly growing demand for "anywhere, anytime" high-speed Internet access, many advanced radio and network technologies have already been developed. Integration of these different technologies will be an essential trend in the near future. In such a heterogeneous environment, the "mobility and resource management" issue becomes very critical, particularly for the QoS support with various kinds of services. Not only user mobility and resource provisioning within a single network should be considered, but also seamless cross network services and interactions should be provided. Many issues need to be addressed for mobility and resource management in heterogeneous wireless networks, including the integration of the mobility protocols adopted in different network; the impacts of user mobility on and the integration with network resource management and power consumption of handheld devices; support of IP protocols on mobile computing systems for seamless tier mobility. Furthermore, security and privacy need to be addressed for roaming users from network to network. Modeling technologies and performance analysis are needed to address new types of mobility and resource management in heterogeneous networks.
原文American English
專業出版物IEEE Wireless Communications
出版狀態Published - 8月 2004


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