Solar-blind photodetectors for harsh electronics

Dung Sheng Tsai, Wei Cheng Lien, Der Hsien Lien, Kuan Ming Chen, Meng Lin Tsai, Debbie G. Senesky, Yueh Chung Yu, Albert P. Pisano, Jr Hau He*


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We demonstrate solar-blind photodetectors (PDs) by employing AlN thin films on Si(100) substrates with excellent temperature tolerance and radiation hardness. Even at a bias higher than 200 V the AlN PDs on Si show a dark current as low as - 1 nA. The working temperature is up to 300°C and the radiation tolerance is up to 1013 cm−2 of 2-MeV proton fluences for AlN metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) PDs. Moreover, the AlN PDs show a photoresponse time as fast as - 110 ms (the rise time) and - 80 ms (the fall time) at 5 V bias. The results demonstrate that AlN MSM PDs hold high potential in next-generation deep ultraviolet PDs for use in harsh environments.

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期刊Scientific reports
出版狀態Published - 11 九月 2013


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