Snippet Policy Network V2: Knee-Guided Neuroevolution for Multi-Lead ECG Early Classification

Yu Huang, Gary G. Yen, Vincent S. Tseng

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Early time series classification predicts the class label of a given time series before it is completely observed. In time-critical applications, such as arrhythmia monitoring in ICU, early treatment contributes to the patient&#x2019;s fast recovery, and early warning could even save lives. Hence, in these cases, it is worthy of trading, to some extent, classification accuracy in favor of earlier decisions when the time series data are collected over time. In this article, we propose a novel deep reinforcement learning-based framework, <italic>snippet policy network V2</italic> (SPN-V2), for long and varied-length multi-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) early classification. The proposed SNP-V2 contains two main components: snippet representation learning (SRL) and early classification timing learning (ECTL). The SRL is proposed to encode inner-snippet spatial correlations and inter-snippet temporal correlations into the hidden representations of the subsegment (snippet) of the input ECG. ECTL aims to learn a decision agent to classify the time series early and accurately. To optimize the proposed framework, we design a novel <italic>knee-guided neuroevolution algorithm</italic> (KGNA) to solve cardiovascular diseases&#x2019; early classification problem, automatically optimizing the proposed SPN-V2 regarding the tradeoff between accuracy and earliness. In addition, we conduct a series of experiments on two real-world ECG datasets. The experimental results show the superiority of the proposed algorithm over the state-of-the-art competing methods.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 2022


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