Simultaneous Switching Noise analysis and low bouncing buffer design

Shyh-Jye Jou*, Wei Chung Cheng, Yu Tao Lin


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An accurate equation to estimate Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) in CMOS integrated circuits including the carriers velocity saturation effects of the short-channel MOSFET transistor is proposed. Simulation results show that the proposed close-form equation estimates the SSN precisely and the error is below 5% as compared with HSPICE simulation results. Design procedures of low bouncing tapered buffer that take SSN into consideration are also proposed. Finally, several output buffer design examples are implemented to verify the low bouncing buffer design.

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期刊Proceedings of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference
出版狀態Published - 1 1月 1998
事件Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference - Santa Clara, CA, USA
持續時間: 11 5月 199814 5月 1998


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