Service-oriented grid computing system for digital rights management (GC-DRM)

Min-Jen Tsai*, Yuan Fu Luo


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Service-oriented computing and applications have recently gained significant attention since they provide new service infrastructure and development of service-oriented technology. Under such trend and ubiquitous computing requirement, grid computing is becoming popular in scientific and enterprise computing due to its flexible deployment and implementation. In this paper, we proposed a service-oriented digital rights management (DRM) platform based on grid computing (called GC-DRM) which is in the compliance of Grid Portal standards by using porlet. The platform integrates Globus Toolkit 4 and Condor 6.9.2 and uses web 2.0 to construct the web-based user interface for providing job submission, control, management, monitor for DRM services. GC-DRM can provide different categories of services which include watermark embedding and extraction, image scrambling, visible watermark embedding, image tamper-detection and recovery. In addition, GC-DRM has been applied to analyze the robustness of digital watermark by filter bank selection and the performance can be improved in the aspect of speedup, stability and processing time compared with NaradaBrokering based Computing Power Services (NB-CPS) and Web Services based Computing Power Service (WS-CPS). Therefore, GC-DRM can be concluded as a superior service-oriented computing which provides the user friendly environment with efficient DRM service performance based on grid computing architecture.

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期刊Expert Systems with Applications
出版狀態Published - 9月 2009


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