Self-regulating fuzzy control for forward DC-DC converters using an 8-bit microcontroller

C. F. Hsu*, I. F. Chung, C. M. Lin, C. Y. Hsu


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A self-regulating fuzzy control (SRFC) design method is proposed; this control system uses a gradient rule modification method to regulate the fuzzy rules. Moreover, to reduce the number of fuzzy rules and to strengthen the robustness of SRFC, a self-regulating fuzzy sliding-mode control (SRFSMC) design method is also developed. Both the SRFC and SRFSMC systems contain two sets of fuzzy inference logic, one being the control regulator and the other the rule modifier. The proposed SRFC and SRFSMC systems can automatically regulate the fuzzy rules to achieve satisfactory performance and make the computation easy and, hence, they are suitable for real-time control. Finally, the proposed SRFC and SRFSMC systems are applied to control a forward DC-DC converter to illustrate their effectiveness. A microcontroller-based experimental system is implemented. Experimental results show that the proposed SRFC and SRFSMC systems are robust with regard to different input voltages and load resistance variations for the forward DC-DC converter.

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期刊IET Power Electronics
出版狀態Published - 1月 2009
事件Pipelines 2009 Conference, Pipelines 2009: Infrastructure's Hidden Assets - San Diego, CA, United States
持續時間: 15 8月 200919 8月 2009


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