Self adaptable multithreaded object detection on embedded multicore systems

Bo-Cheng Lai*, Kun Chun Li, Guan Ru Li, Chin Hsuan Chiang


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    Leveraging multithreading on embedded multicore platforms has been proven effective on handling the increasing resolutions of target stimuli of object detection. However, complex tradeoffs and correlated design impacts between a parallel application and the underlying multicore platform necessitate an effective and adaptable multithreaded design. This paper introduces a hybrid multithreaded object detection with high parallelism and extensive data reuse. A self adaptable flow is proposed to adjust the multithreaded object detection to fully exploit various embedded multicore architectures. The ARM-based cycle accurate simulations of multicore systems have shown the superior performance returned by the proposed design.

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    期刊Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
    出版狀態Published - 1 4月 2015


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