Scheduling in VOD system over CATV networks

Ching Houng Chou*, Ren Hung Hwang


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Video-on-Demand (VOD) is expected to be the key residential service in the coming decade. Among other solutions, a VOD system based on the current Community Antenna TV (CATV) transport network is the most economic, straight forward, and feasible solution. However, current CATV networks, shared by hundreds of thousands of people, can only support hundreds of broadcast channels. Therefore, the VOD system over the CATV network will have a serious problem on bandwidth limitation. We believe that a good scheduling policy can avoid the bandwidth limitation problem by utilizing the broadcast feature of the CATV networks. In this paper, three scheduling policies are proposed. Performance of these scheduling policies are studied through simulations. Our numerical results show that the scheduling policy that schedules requests at regular intervals of 20 minutes yields a reasonable average response time and a low user request rejection rate.


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