Running injuries and associated factors in participants of ING Taipei Marathon

Wei Ling Chang, Yi Fen Shih*, Wen Yin Chen


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Objectives: To investigate the distribution of lower extremity running injuries and their associated factors. Design: Descriptive and exploratory study. Participants: 1004 participants of the 2005 ING Taipei International Marathon. Main outcome measures: We used a self-developed questionnaire to collect data of previous running injuries and applied multivariate logistic regression modeling to examine relationships between these injuries and associated factors. Results: Of the 893 valid questionnaires, 396 (44.4%) reported having previous lower extremity pain related to running. Knee joint pain was the most common problem (32.5%). Hip pain was associated with the racing group, training duration, and medial arch support. Use of knee orthotics (P = 0.002) and ankle braces (P = 0.007) was related to a higher rate of knee and ankle pain. Participants of the full marathon group who practiced on a synthetic track had a higher incidence of ankle pain. A training duration of >60 min was linked to an increased rate of foot pain (P = 0.003). Conclusion: Our data indicated that running injuries were associated with training duration and use of orthotics. Clinicians can use this information in treating or preventing running associated injuries and pain.

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期刊Physical Therapy in Sport
出版狀態Published - 8月 2012


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