Routing in ATM networks with multiple classes of QoS

Ren Hung Hwang*, Min Xiou Chen, Chun Min Hsu


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In this paper, we study the path-constrained-cost-optimized routing problem, which tries to minimum path cost while satisfying the QoS requirements of a connection. In the past researches, each link of the network is associated with a set of QoS metrics, which represents the QoS metrics that can be provided by this link. However, in a real network, ATM switches are able to provide a finite number of QoS classes, instead of just one QoS class. Therefore, in this paper, we studied the path-constrained-cost-optimized routing problem where each link of the network is associated with several sets of QoS metrics. Our solution to this problem consists of two tasks: QoS decomposition and QoS constrained least cost routing. We propose a greedy algorithm to decompose the end-to-end QoS constraint to local QoS constraints such that the path cost can be minimized. For QoS-constrained least cost routing, we first study three approaches for defining link costs. We then propose two routing algorithms for finding QoS-constrained paths.

出版狀態Published - 2000


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