RINGdb: An integrated database for G protein-coupled receptors and regulators of G protein signaling

Yu Ching Fang, Wei Hsin Sun*, Li Cheng Wu, Hsien Da Huang, Hsueh Fen Juan, Jorng Tzong Horng


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Background: Many marketed therapeutic agents have been developed to modulate the function of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). The regulators of G-protein signaling (RGS proteins) are also being examined as potential drug targets. To facilitate clinical and pharmacological research, we have developed a novel integrated biological database called RINGdb to provide comprehensive and organized RGS protein and GPCR information. Results: RINGdb contains information on mutations, tissue distributions, protein-protein interactions, diseases/disorders and other features, which has been automatically collected from the Internet and manually extracted from the literature. In addition, RINGdb offers various user-friendly query functions to answer different questions about RGS proteins and GPCRs such as their possible contribution to disease processes, the putative direct or indirect relationship between RGS proteins and GPCRs. RINGdb also integrates organized database cross-references to allow users direct access to detailed information. The database is now available at http://ringdb.csie.ncu.edu.tw/ringdb/. Conclusion: RINGdb is the only integrated database on the Internet to provide comprehensive RGS protein and GPCR information. This knowledgebase will be useful for clinical research, drug discovery and GPCR signaling pathway research.

期刊BMC genomics
出版狀態Published - 2006


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