Revisit the effect of teaching and learning with technology

Yuan Hsuan Lee*, Hersh Waxman, Jiun-Yu Wu, Georgette Michko, Grace Lin


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We re-examined the effect of teaching and learning with technology on student cognitive and affective outcomes using the meta-analytic technique. Screening studies obtained from an electric search of databases such as PsyInfo and ERIC resulted in 58 studies (1997-2011). Overall, effect sizes were small to moderate across the cognitive and affective outcome measures. Specific teaching/learning components such as context/making sense, challenging activity, instructional conversation, and joint productivity were associated with effect sizes. Instructional features such as objectives, pattern of student computer use, and type of learning task also moderated effect sizes. Suggestions are made for pre-service teachers and in-service teachers to include these instructional features and teaching strategies in teaching and learning with technology.

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期刊Educational Technology and Society
出版狀態Published - 6 2月 2013


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