Resting-state occipital alpha power is associated with treatment outcome in patients with chronic migraine

Li Ling Hope Pan, Wei Ta Chen, Yen Feng Wang, Shih-Pin Chen, Kuan Lin Lai, Hung Yu Liu, Fu-Jung Hsiao, Shuu Jiun Wang

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ABSTRACT: Preventive treatment is crucial for patients with chronic migraine (CM). This study explored the association between resting-state cortical oscillations and 3-month treatment outcome in patients with CM. Treatment-naïve patients with CM were recruited with their demographic data, psychosocial data, and headache profiles as well as the healthy controls (HCs). Resting-state cortical activities were recorded using an electroencephalogram and analysed using source-based and electrode-based spectral power method. The regions of interest were the bilateral primary somatosensory (S1) and visual (V1) cortices. After 3-month treatment with flunarizine, patients with CM were categorized into responders and nonresponders. Demographic, clinical, and electroencephalogram data from 72 patients with CM and 50 HCs were analysed. Elevated anxiety, depression, and stress were observed in patients with CM. Theta power in bilateral S1 and alpha and gamma powers in the right S1 increased in patients with CM. Nonresponders (n = 34) exhibited larger alpha powers in bilateral V1 than those in responders (n = 38). Alpha powers also exhibited significant correlations with changes of monthly headache days. Notably, in responders and nonresponders, occipital alpha powers did not differ at baseline and in the third month. In conclusion, patients with CM who were not responsive to preventive treatment were associated with augmented resting-state occipital alpha activity. Moreover, changes in migraine attack frequency were associated with baseline occipital alpha power. However, the prognostic feature of visual alpha oscillation seems to be inherent because it is not altered by flunarizine treatment. These findings may be useful for developing personalised migraine treatment plans.

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出版狀態Published - 1 7月 2022


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