Resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy of multiferroic TbMnO 3

J. M. Chen*, C. K. Chen, T. L. Chou, I. Jarrige, H. Ishii, K. T. Lu, Y. Q. Cai, K. S. Liang, J. M. Lee, S. W. Huang, T. J. Yang, C. C. Shen, R. S. Liu, Jiunn-Yuan Lin, H. T. Jeng, C. C. Kao


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The Mn 3d valence states in single-crystalline TbMn O3 were probed using x-ray absorption spectroscopy and resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy (RXES). The polarized Mn K -edge x-ray absorption spectra show a strong polarization dependence, particularly for the white line region, indicating the strong anisotropic Mn-O bonding within the ab plane in TbMn O3. The RXES data obtained at the Mn K edge clearly reveal that unoccupied Mn 3d states exhibit a relatively delocalized character, stemming from hybridization of the Mn 3d states with the neighboring Mn 4p orbitals. The authors demonstrated that resonant x-ray emission spectroscopy is able to characterize the degree of localization of the unoccupied states or hole carriers in manganites.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 30 7月 2007


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