Repetitive phenomena in dementia

J. P. Hwang, S. J. Tsai*, C. H. Yang, K. M. Liu, J. F. Lirng


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Objective: Both repetitive talk and behaviors (repetitive phenomena) are common in demented patients and are bothersome to their caregivers and families. The purpose of this preliminary report was to explore these repetitive phenomena in demented patients admitted to a geropsychiatric ward. Method: The sample population consisted of 141 demented patients. Patients' caregivers were asked if patients had presented a repetitive fixed pattern of physical action or talk since the onset of dementia. Results: Of the 141 demented patients included in the study, seventy-nine had repetitive phenomena. Patients with these phenomena had various presentations and developed them in the early stage of dementia. Conclusions: Repetitive phenomena are widespread in dementia, especially for older patients, and may be an early sign of dementia. The characteristics of repetitive phenomena and some likely underlying mechanisms are discussed.

頁(從 - 到)165-171
期刊International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine
出版狀態Published - 2000


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