Repetitive elements in the third intron of murine apolipoprotein A-I gene

An Na Chiang*, Kong Chi Fan, Gwo Chyuan Shaw, Ueng Cheng Yang


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Genomic DNAs containing the gene encoding apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I) from four strains of mice and three strains of rats have been sequenced, Some peculiar repetitive sequences were found in the third intron of apoA-I of the murine species. The striking features include regular tandem repeats of C(A)4 and C(A)6 in mice and long A-tracts in rats. Not completely identical but very similar motifs were found in mice or rats belonging to the same species while repetitive elements from different species show some variation from their species-specific consensus sequences. These repetitive motifs are very similar to the sequences flanking human Alu and rodent B1 repetitive elements, although no evidence for the existence of Alu or B1 was found near the peculiar repetitive DNA sequences in apoA-I gene.

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期刊Biochemistry and Molecular Biology International
出版狀態Published - 1997


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