Reliability-based performance indicator for a manufacturing network with multiple production lines in parallel

Yi-Kuei Lin*, Ping Chen Chang


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This paper addresses the system reliability evaluation for a manufacturing system with multiple production lines in parallel, where the system reliability is the possibility that a manufacturing system can satisfy demand. In the manufacturing system, the capacity of each machine is stochastic (i.e., multi-state) due to failure, partial failure, or maintenance. Thus, the manufacturing system can be constructed as a manufacturing network in terms of stochastic-flow network model. With considering reworking actions, we propose a graphical-based methodology to transform the manufacturing system into a manufacturing network. Thereafter, the manufacturing network is decomposed into general manufacturing paths and reworking paths. A simple algorithm is subsequently developed to generate the minimal capacity vectors that machines should provide to satisfy demand. The system reliability is derived in terms of such capacity vectors afterwards.

期刊Journal of Manufacturing Systems
出版狀態Published - 1 一月 2013