Recent progress in unraveling cardiovascular complications associated with primary aldosteronism: a succinct review

Wei Ting Wang, Tsung Hui Wu, Leay Kiaw Er, Chien Wei Huang, Kun Hua Tu, Kang Chih Fan, Cheng Hsuan Tsai, Shu Yi Wang, Chun Yi Wu, Shu Heng Huang, Han Wen Liu, Fen Yu Tseng, Wan Chen Wu, Chin Chen Chang, Hao Min Cheng*, Liang Yu Lin, Jeff S. Chueh, Yen Hung Lin, Chii Min Hwu*, Vin Cent Wu*


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This comprehensive review offers a thorough exploration of recent advancements in our understanding of the intricate cardiovascular complications associated with Primary Aldosteronism (PA). PA encompasses a spectrum of conditions characterized by hypertension and excessive production of aldosterone operating independently of the renin-angiotensin system. Given its association with an elevated risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, as well as a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome in comparison to individuals with essential hypertension (EH), an accurate diagnosis of PA is of paramount importance. This review delves into the intricate interplay between PA and cardiovascular health and focuses on the key pathophysiological mechanisms contributing to adverse cardiac outcomes. The impact of different treatment modalities on cardiovascular health is also examined, offering insights into potential therapeutic approaches. By highlighting the significance of recognizing PA as a significant contributor to cardiovascular morbidity, this review emphasizes the need for improved screening, early diagnosis, and tailored management strategies to both enhance patient care and mitigate the burden of cardiovascular diseases. The findings presented herein underscore the growing importance of PA in the context of cardiovascular medicine and emphasize the potential for translating these insights into targeted interventions to improve patient outcomes. (Figure presented.).

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期刊Hypertension Research
出版狀態Published - 5月 2024


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